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Shopping in Varanasi

Varanasi is not only famous for its temples, ghats and other heritage attractions, it also happens to be the centre of attraction when it comes to shopping. Shopping in Varanasi is a unique experience and you will find plenty of interesting things to load your bags.

Shopping in Varanasi is incomplete without the famous Banarasi sarees. These intricately designed sarees are a characteristic feature of the city. The exquisite work on these sarees will leave you in awe and one can't help but marvel at the artisans' dexterity. The intricate weaving requires a lot of hard work and concentration. The beautiful colour combinations and the patterns are mesmerising and look very elegant.

The rich silk found here is another speciality of the ancient city. You will find silks for all occasions, garnishing the shops in every lane. The Banarasi sarees are made from this silk. The art of weaving the silk is an age-old tradition in the city.

Shopping in Varanasi also includes shopping for handicrafts. The varied handicrafts are unique to this place. The carvings made out of stone are wonderful and have an appeal of their own. You will find a variety of items like pretty jewellery boxes, ashtrays, candle stands, etc. that you can pick up to decorate your home. They will surely add a touch of elegance to your home decor. You will also find beautiful imitations of the Taj Mahal which can serve as perfect souvenirs to carry back home. The handicrafts here also include specialities from other cities of the state, like the fine zardozi from Agra, and the chikan work from Lucknow. If you are interested in sporting leather articles, you will find genuine leather from Kanpur here. Carpets are also an important part of shopping in Varanasi. Here you will find a variety of carpets in all shapes and sizes. The hand-made carpets are simply a must have, and they reflect the rich aesthetic traditions of the city. These carpets are known for their quality and the unique patterns that they offer. In addition to this, you will also find a variety of articles like gold jewellery, and beaded jewellery, including bangles and necklaces. Brass and ivory objects in Varanasi are also very famous, and can prove to be prized possessions.

For the lovers of Indian classical music, the streets and alleys of Varanasi can provide for enchanting explorations. They are filled with shops showcasing a wide variety of musical instruments, which reflect on the rich musical heritage of this ancient city. You will find beautiful sitars, shehnais and pakhawaj (all these are Indian classical music instruments). However, if you are not that musically inclined, you can carry the memories of the city of Varanasi back home in the form of a simple kamandalam or water pot, in which you can fill the water of the river Ganga.

For all the mango lovers, the world famous langda mangoes of Varanasi are surely worth buying and tasting. In fact, even if you are not particularly fond of mangoes, a taste of the heavenly variety of this fruit may make you a passionate lover of mangoes. Also, the betel leaves or paan of Varanasi are a class of their own. They are generally taken after the meal. When in Varanasi have a typical Banarasi paan after a meal and fill yourself with aroma and delight. It would not only freshen your mouth, but would act as an efficient digestive.

The important markets of Varanasi are Chowk, Gyan Vyapi, Vishwanath gali, Golghar and many others. So do not miss the opportunity to roam the markets and enjoy the shopping experience in Varanasi.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/16