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Excursions from Varanasi

There are many places to visit around Varanasi, which can make excursions from Varanasi an interesting tourist option. These excursions from Varanasi can provide for exciting and yet introspective experiences.

An important destination in the excursions from Varanasi includes the quaint city of Jaunpur. Situated at a distance of nearly 54 km from the main city of Varanasi, Jaunpur is dotted with beautiful monuments that are bound to give you a sense of tranquil charm. This city was founded by Feroz Shah Tughlaq. Mosques like Atala Mosque, the Jama Masjid, Lal Darwaza Masjid, and temples like Trilochan Mahadev Temple are the pride of this city and are definitely worth watching. For all the wildlife and nature lovers, the excursions from Varanasi also include some sanctuaries. The Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary is placed at about 70 km from Varanasi. This sanctuary is one of the unexplored and serene wild vistas. The sanctuary is known for its impressive collections of chinkara and panther and approximately 150 species of birds.The Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary is another destination for an excursion. This sanctuary sits surrounded by a waterfall called the Mukha Waterfall. Many animals and birds like the antelope, black buck, peafowl, etc. can be seen here.

Sarnath, situated at a distance of about 10 km from Varanasi, is one of the important excursions from Varanasi. This place is visited by many hundreds and thousands due to its association with Lord Buddha. It is a favourite spot of the Buddhists. Here you will find many antique Buddhist relics and stupas. One can also see a magnified image of our country's emblem and the Ashoka pillar. The rusty temples here are also eye catching. The deer park and the archaeological museum are the most visited places in Sarnath. This museum houses varied remnants of the Buddhist era, which can transport you back in time… Excursions from Varanasi also include visits to the Chunar Fort near Chunargarh and Ramnagar. A large well can be seen near the Chunagarh Fort. Sonwa mandap (tent) and Sun clock add to the beauty of the fort. If you want to enjoy a splendid sight of the river Ganga then this is the place to be. For the ardent car and antique lovers, there is no other place like Ramnagar. The museum here is known for the vintage cars and the typical palkies, along with swords, old guns, ivory works and exquisite clocks. The Durga temple and Chinnamastika temple are added attractions here.

Vindhyachal and Kaushambi are two other places to visit, when on a visit to Varanasi. A tinge of Buddhism can be observed in Kaushambi. There are some stupas and sculptures strewn here and there in this ruined city, which once upon a time was an important Buddhist centre. Here you can also explore the remnants of an age-old fort. Vindhyachal is located around 90 km from Varanasi, and is renowned for the temples like Vindhyavasini, Kalikoh and Ashtabujha. These temples have special importance, as they are dedicated to Shaktipeeth or the Goddess of Power.

The holy city of Varanasi has lots to offer for the avid tourists other than temples and ghats. A visit near and around this abode of Shiva can also bring you uncommon insights about the region's chequered past.

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