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Haridwar Tours

It is at Haridwar that the river Ganges which flows down from the Himalayas meets the plains and this city is considered to be one of the most sacred places in India by the Hindus. It is the desire of devout Hindus to pay a visit to this place at least once in his or her lifetime. It is only through Haridwar that the upper regions of the state of Uttaranchal can be reached and that's why this holy city is referred to as the gateway to heavens. Haridwar can be reached with ease, either by rail, road or by air. The climate is extremely pleasant but it does tend to get cold in winters, so adequate winter clothing is a must, if one wants to take Haridwar tours during winters.

Haridwar is known for its many ancient temples which are situated not only in the city but also at numerous places around it, even high up in the mountains. There are many ghats along the river which are used by people to have a bath as the water here is clean and calm.

If you are a tourist who has plans to go on Haridwar tours in the near future, then it is advisable for you to make use of the many tours which are conducted by tour operators here. You will find that there are many tour operators who are listed in the Internet who are more than willing to take you on guided tours of the city of Haridwar. Taking a tour would ensure that you get good accommodation at quality hotels, and get to see all the various places of interest in and around the city, and advice on where to shop, etc.

Haridwar is mainly a city which is a very important religious place with its numerous ancient temples. So if you would like to go on religious tours then the tour operator would be more than willing to take you on a conducted tour to all the temples in and around the city and explain the importance of the particular temples. If you are a trekker than you can go on a trekking tour with a guide, which the tour operator would provide, and walk up to the mountains and explore the wilderness there. These trekking tours would provide you with an opportunity to breathe in the pure Himalayan air which is totally free from pollution, and also to admire the beautiful river Ganga cascading down on to the plains from the Shivalik mountains. Trekking here in the mighty Shivalik ranges is bound to elevate your spirit and soul.

There are also tours which are conducted, based especially on the yoga retreats at certain ashrams. They conduct special sessions for people who are interested in yoga. These retreats teach you all you wanted to know about yogic postures, the proper breathing techniques and even meditation exercises.

To know more about Haridwar tours, just log on to the Internet and you will find a number of tour operators who have provided detailed information not only about the city, but also about all the tours which they are conducting for tourists.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/13