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Darjeeling Tours

Situated on the picturesque Shiwalik Hills, studded with emerald with fragrant tea gardens and lush green coniferous forests, Darjeeling is truly the Queen among hill stations in India. It has mighty Himalayas and its imposing peak Kanchenjunga almost merging to the blue skies and clouds in the background.

Darjeeling tours essentially offers varied options to suit the taste and of the tourist. On a regular trip to Darjeeling, one can stay in one of the hotels in the town itself, and can go for sightseeing to all the tourist spots, that Darjeeling is famous for. Or else, Darjeeling tours offer the option of going on a nature trail or trekking in Darjeeling. There is also an option of choosing one of the many eco-tourism holiday packages. Those interested in adventure sports have the option of river rafting, paragliding or any such adventure sports in Darjeeling.

A regular trip would include visit to the many famous tourist spots in Darjeeling. One of the major spots of tourist attraction in Darjeeling is the spectacular sunrise at Tiger Hills, the highest point in Darjeeling. The scenic Senchal Lake nearby, which provides drinking water for the entire town, is also a preferred picnic spot. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute with its mountaineering museum and adjacent, internationally acclaimed, Zoological park is yet another spot of tourist attraction. The tourists also frequent Lloyd Botanical garden with its tiered gardens showcasing more than 200 species of colourful Himalayan flora.

India's first passenger ropeway, Darjeeling Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway, is yet another adventure frequented by the tourists. Shopping for curios in Darjeeling is fun, with innumerable stalls and street vendors in the mall and Chowrasta. Tibetan curios and carpets can be purchased from the Tibetan Refugee camp and a few monasteries as well. The statuettes, Himalayan and Tibetan artefacts and Gorkha Daggers makes shopping in Darjeeling an interesting experience. Last but not the least is the long but exciting journey from Siliguri to Darjeeling in the Toy Train. The nature trail or trekking in Darjeeling tours is a more recent concept in tourism and the trek includes the picturesque ascends and the sleepy hamlets on the way. The trek is normally routed so as to view the scenic clear blue lakes, forests strewn with the exotic flora like the vivid rhododendrons and the rare among Himalayan wild orchids. The trek also includes the sightings of exotic birds and animals native to the Himalayas. The trail normally leads to the highest point, Goecha La, with the most spectacular view of the majestic Kanchenjunga. One of the highlights of the trek is that trekker is accommodated in one of the many trekker huts and camps, built up for this purpose.

The eco-tourism is a concept including the nature trails to the most picturesque of the surrounding hamlets and hills, as in the nature trail. The tourists are rather accommodated in one of the many home-stay accommodations, with the locals. The concept of eco-tourism in Darjeeling tours, thus offer the tourist an insight in to the customs and cultures of the locals. They also get to enjoy homemade and authentic local food. Eco-tourism is conceptualised in such a manner as to maximize the participation of the locals. One of the aims of eco-tourism is to benefit the local population directly from the tourism. It also aims at minimizing the socio-cultural impact of tourism on the local population. The main aim of eco-tourism is to maintain the ecological balance, by charting out an eco-friendly travel plan.

Those who love adventure sports can opt for white water rafting in Teesta and Rangeet. Those who seek adventure can also go for hand gliding, mountain biking or ballooning. The adventure lovers mostly pursue the treks in Darjeeling.

Thus, Darjeeling tours offer myriad options to the tourists. It is indeed a great place to visit. It is an ideal tourist destination for any kind of traveller.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/12