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Shopping in Digha

Digha is one of the finest beaches in India. Digha is located around 183 km from Calcutta, the capital city of West Bengal. Digha is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the state and it is well known for its beautiful sea beaches, affording wonderful scenaries. Thousands of tourists come to enjoy their vacation at Digha. Tourists enjoy Digha tours doing many recreational activities here. Shopping in Digha is one of the major recreational activities that each tourist enjoys. Tourists can purchase some beautiful handicrafts and attractive items made from seashell at Digha.

There are no huge shopping complexes in Digha, but you can buy some of the attractive shell made sculptures and home decorating items here. All these items are available in the small shops. Some of the vendors organize their shops on the streets. Skilled artists make all the seashell items. Numerous artists in Digha earn their livelihood by making these items. Local handicrafts are available at cheap rates. Most of the tourists purchase Digha sculptures to gift some one. No tourist goes with empty hand from Digha. To go for shopping in Digha is a unique experience and everyone should enjoy it.

The major shopping area in Digha is located behind the old Digha beach. Here you can purchase beautiful ornaments made of seashells. Various types of ornaments are available at cheap rates. If you are expert in bargaining then you can purchase here anything easily. Some of the replica pearl necklaces and other jewels can be purchased from Digha shops.

Midnapore is a tiny village near Digha, where hand-woven mats are made from wild plants. These mats are known as Madur. The mats are painted in attractive colors. Tourists can purchase these Madur mats at Digha shops. Besides, seashell items and Madur mats the Cashew nuts are also obtainable at Digha. Key rings and key chains made of seashell are wonderful and worth purchasing. Buy these seashell key chains to gift someone or keep it as remembrance of your Digha tours. Make your beach tours more pleasurable by enjoying shopping in Digha.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/12