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Old Digha Beach

The most popular sea resort of West Bengal is situated at Digha. The charming beauty of nature attracts a number of tourists every year. Warren Hastings mentioned this place as the 'Brighton of the East. Digha beaches include the Old Digha Beach and the New Digha Beach.

In 1923, an English tourist named John Frank Smith wrote about the place and slowly the place gained popularity. After independence, West Bengal's Chief Minister Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was convinced to develop this place as a sea resort.

Earlier the old Digha beach gave the chance to see a wide sea beach beside Bay of Bengal. But, due to heavy soil erosion its width has decreased. Big stones and concrete steps are used to hold the beach together. During low tides, driving is possible on the beach. Swimming is permissible here during the low tide only. But it is dangerous to cross the wall during high tide.

High tidal waves are the major problem of the old Digha beach, which sometimes make swimming, and the existence of small hutments near the beach, precarious. Another fetal problem is overcrowding, which increases during summer. To solve this problem, a New Digha beach is developed at a 2 km distance from old beach.

There are a number of small hotels in the Digha town for providing best accommodation facilities for their visitors. If you want to explore the beauty of the coast of Bay of Bengal then you may visit old Digha beach during your West Bengal tour.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/12