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Digha Tours

Digha is one of the attractive beach resorts of India. The beach town is located around 183 km from Calcutta. Tourists can reach Digha from Kolkata by two routes. Tourists can come here via Khargpur or via Mecheda from Kolkata. Digha tours offer a nice opportunity to enjoy various beach activates and water sports. Digha beaches are the best options to enjoy the weekend. Old Digha beach is popular among the tourists from all over India. Concrete steps are being built around the beach to protect it from water. The beach is a pleasant place, which is surrounded by casurina grooves. The beach is safe for swimming and other adventure sports.

Digha tours offer an opportunity of watching some of the foreign birds. Digha beaches are always teeming with bird watchers and nature lovers. One of the important things about Digha is that, the river Hoogly joins the Bay of Bengal at Digha. The merging point of the river is attractive. Tourists can relish here the innate music of the sound of the sea waves, which is combined with twittering of the birds. When you pass from the casurina groves, whistling of the wind increases the beauty of the natural rhythm of the sea waves. People get overjoyed after seeing the beautiful sunset at the end of the day at Digha. The sunset caresses its fading golden rays on the waters. The Marine Aquarium is one of the major tourist attractions at Digha. It is the biggest marine aquarium in Asia. Shankarpur fishing port is another nice visiting place near Digha. Do not miss an opportunity of visiting the port during Digha tours. Shankarpur is known as the tourist village. Chandaneshwar is a nice tourist destination, located around six km away from Digha. Most of the tourists visit this sacred place during their Digha tours. Lord Shiva Temple is the major attraction of the town. In the month of Chaitra- a Hindu month, villagers celebrate the annual festival in the temple complex. Pilgrims from all over India and West Bengal in particular gather here to take part in the festival.

Digha tours offer you a chance of exploring the natural glory of the region. Jhargram is another picturesque hamlet near Digha. The tiny village is directly connected with Digha by road. There is a regular bus service from Digha to Jhargram. The hamlet is located within the thick forests. The forests are full with the trees of mohua, sal and pial. Earlier the zamindars-the property owners- used to stay in the tiny village. There are several ruins of the zamindars in the village, which are worth visiting. Durga temple is one of the main attractions of Jhargram, which is sited close to the forest. Goddess Durga is known as the protecting deity of the village.

The best time to arrange Digha tours is during the winter season, from November to March. Climate of the town is fine and suitable during winters. Organize Digha tours and enjoy various water sports and other activities at the Digha beaches.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/12