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Beach Tours of Digha

Digha beach is one of the finest beaches in India. Digha town is located around 183 km from Kolkata, which is the capital city of West Bengal. Digha beach is popular among numerous travelers. Thousands of tourists enjoy the beach tours of Digha round the year. The picturesque beauty of the town is worth seeing. Beach tours of Digha offer a nice opportunity of exploring beautiful beaches of Bengal. Tourists can enjoy various water sports, adventure sports and sea activities at Digha beach. Beaches of Bengal are famous for smooth and solid location.

Digha beaches are one of the beautiful beaches in the state. Your search for the dream beach vacation ends at the Old Digha and the New Digha beaches. The eye-catching scenery and the natural beauty of the beaches make them nature lovers' haven. The beaches are surrounded by attractive plantations of casurinas. The sea is always calm and offers tranquil atmosphere to relish swimming, water sports and other games. Beach tours of Digha assist you to relax in the waves, sun, sand and sea. At the end of the day, the beaches of Digha offer you beautiful scenes of the sunset. These scenes are worth seeing. Whole sea glimmers in the golden color at the time of the sunset. Travelers can purchase some of the beautiful items made from seashells and other materials that are obtainable from the sea. Tourists can present these items to someone as a gift or they can keep them with themselves as mementos. These items are easily available at shops in the vicinity of Digha beaches.

Shankarpur beach is another beautiful beach near Digha, which is around 10 km from the town. This is also a picturesque beach adorned with casurina trees and other plantations. Atmosphere of the beach is peaceful and appropriate for enjoying water sports. The beach is a real paradise for swimmers and water sports lovers. You can enjoy beautiful scenes of sunset at Shankarpur. Besides, Shankarpur beach is known as the biggest marine aquarium of Asia. Various fishing activities can be seen at the Shankarpur beach. There are some sea resorts and hotels at Shankarpur beach.

Your beach tours of Digha are incomplete unless you visit the Junput beach. Junput beach is located around 40 km from Digha. The beach offers attractive sea views and fun-filled beach activities. Here also the lines of casurina trees surround the beach. The state government fisheries department makes some research works on fishes here, with the development of salty water fishes. Tourists can stay here in the inspection bungalow, which is under the authority of the fisheries department. You can drive your vehicles on these beaches easily.

Beach tours of Digha offer you a nice environment where you can relax as long as you wish; when you feel much hot just take a dip into the sea. Besides, the coconuts are available there to energize you. One sip of this energizing drink will make you geared up to enjoy other activities.

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