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Transportation in Digha

The beach town of Digha is located in the state of West Bengal, in India. It is known for its enchanting beaches and shallow sea. The town has warm and pleasant weather round the year. Tourists are drawn to this place as it has some safe beaches for swimming. Digha is easily accessible by air, rail and road. Airport of Kolkata is the nearest airport. Digha is well connected by rail and road routes to the other places of the state. Transportation in Digha is also not an issue as this town is well equipped with facilities for transport. Places in and around Digha can be visited using local transport of the town. There are un-metered taxis, auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws available in the town to reach various tourist destinations. Specific rates are fixed for particular destinations in Digha as the taxis are un-metered. So tourists should always enquire about the rates before hiring any vehicle. If tourists take proper care then there is no chance of being cheated.

Auto rickshaws are better for small distance travelling. But for long distance journey or far away excursions from Digha, taxis should be hired. Taxis are comfortable for long distances. Even while hiring auto rickshaw or a cycle rickshaw one should ask about the rates and bargain for those rates.

Transportation in Digha is convenient and comfortable due to good facilities offered by the town.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/12