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Handicrafts of West Bengal

The elegant and exquisite handicrafts of West Bengal bear legendry reputations. The intricately designed and much coveted Baluchari sarees and Tasar silks are the pride of West Bengal. Tasar fabrics come from Birbhum, Bankura, Murshidabad, Hoogly and Nadia districts. Handloom fabrics from the above mentioned regions have gained worldwide acclaim. Jute materials of West Bengal, traditionally used as a fabric in the ancient times, now find use in beautiful carpets, decorative tapestries, hand bags, pot hangings, bedspreads, and much more. Some of the other handicrafts of West Bengal are Dokra art, wood and cane products, brassware articles, conch-shell products, folk rag-dolls, terracotta, and Sholapith decorative items.

Dokra or Dhokra art is the legacy of nomadic tribal craftsmen who produce beautiful ornamental products of cast metal. The Dhokra tribes can be found in Kharagpur, Bardwan, Bankura, Malda and Midnapore districts. West Bengal's art of creating fancy cane and bamboo articles is rich and varied, with more than thirty five thousand artisans practicing the craft in different rural areas of the state.

Brass and bell metalwork is another splendid craft of West Bengal, handed down to many generations of workers. The art and science of metalwork was being practiced by metallurgists in the region since 2000 BC. Metal work includes everything from making utensils for daily use to vessels for ritual observance; the emphasis being on the beauty and strength of form. Engraved brass and bell metal works are practiced by the artisans of Bankura, Bishnupur and Midnapore.

Sholapith items are for marriages and festivals and they also serve as decorative articles for hanging on walls, etc. Terracotta is also another ancient form of handicrafts of West Bengal, where traditional potters produce items for domestic use as well as decorative items by moulding clay. The art of making rag dolls comes from Japanese influence, but is quite popular in West Bengal. The dolls are made with small cloth, cotton or wool and are used by children.

The various handicrafts of West Bengal have had a varied historical influence, and are products of the state's rich cultural legacy.

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Posted on 2011-09-28I am swati from jamshedpur ,jharkhand.I am related with a ngo ,our vision is trained jharkhand artisans and give them to a sustainable daily livehood.we need a dokra master trainer .