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Princep Ghat Kolkata

Location: Strand Road.

Time to Visit: Open 24 hours.

Preferred Timings: : In the early morning and after sunset.

Admission Fee: Nil.

How to Reach:Local buses, mini buses and metered taxis are readily available from various parts of the city. One can also avail the underground metro rail.

Photography / Video charges:Nil.

Nearest Railway Station: Howrah.

Nearest Metro Station: Maidan.

Nearest Functional Metro Station: Maidan.

Nearest International Airport: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Intrnational Airport.

Time required for sightseeing: Around 30 minutes.

The meandering Hooghly river which flows perennially through the heart of Kolkata has not only facilitated efficient water transport, but the embankments or Ghats that have been built at strategic locations along the river's flow has provided the people of Kolkata with vantage points to appreciate the beauty of this holy river.
The Princep Ghat was built in the everlasting memory of James Princep who was an extraordinarily brilliant research and at one point of time served as the honorable Secretary of the hallowed Asiatic Society. This gifted person is especially remembered for his role in deciphering emperor Akbar's Brahminical script. James Princep for all his enthusiasm in research and analysis, died a premature death at the young age of forty one.

Kolkata being an intellectual city and the fact that James Princep had conducted most of his research based out of Kolkata, the people of Kolkata as befitting tribute to the departed scholar built the Princep Ghat and aptly dedicated the Ghat in the everlasting memory of this great man. The Ghat was opened to public in the year 1843. In its initial years, all the royal British entourages used the Princep Ghat jetty for embarkation/disembarkation.
When Kolkata was under British rule, this capital city of the East underwent a massive beautification drive. Along with regal buildings and well laid out roads, the erstwhile British administration found the idea of beautifying the Kolkata riverside to be an enchanting concept. Accordingly, they identified certain strategic localities by the riverside, which afforded panoramic vistas and built embankments with a flight of steps that led to the river. Apart from bathing and conducting ceremonies, the Princep Ghat has a charm of its own and deities and idols of Hindu gods and goddesses are also immersed at Princep Ghat.
By far, Princep Ghat is one of Kolkata's oldest recreation spot even though it has lost much of its charm. Yet, it is still a marvelous place where tourists can spend hours together sitting on the benches and watching the uncluttered Kolkata life pass by gently. On the distant horizon, the magnificent Howrah Bridge and the the awesome Vidyasagar Setu makes for a kaleidoscopic vignette.
Try to occupy a vantage position at Princep Ghat from where you can have a glimpse of a large stretch of the beautiful Hooghly river. You will often be mesmerized by activities of the boatmen who ply on this route. The boatmen of Bengal are a unique lot. They lead a romantic life, no doubt, but, a boatman's life is always fraught with danger. No wonder, the lilting Bhatiyali folk songs sung by Bengal's boatmen are a sentimental reflection of their life in the rivers.
If you want to go the whole hog, why not hop into a country-made boat available at Princep Ghat and go on a voyage along the meandering river. You would do well to visit the majestic Belur Math and Dakshineswar temple on the way. A boat ride along the holy Hooghly River is one of the most pleasant ways of exploring the subtle charms of Kolkata. That way, you avoid the rush hour traffic and the tsunami-esque Kolkata population.

Great rivers have spawned great civilizations and as the gentle Hooghly river makes its stately way through Kolkata, it will cast a certain spell that will seduce you, as it has seduced many travelers of yore.

Special Event / Annual Event

Idol immersion during any Hindu festivals like Durga Puja, Kali Puja etc.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

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