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Kolkata Special Attractions

Every city has a character of its own vis-a-vis its historical monuments, art, culture and tradition. Kolkata has always been referred to as a Raj-era phenomenon, for the fact that this city used to be the capital of the erstwhile British East India Company. The unmistakable Raj-era hangover is still very much there.

But great cities have that magical ability to gradually evolve with changing times. Kolkata too has evolved as one of India's biggest metropolitan cities and in course of its evolutionary process, this astonishing city has given birth to some unusual tourist attractions, both natural and manmade or artificial.

As a matter of fact, the unusual Kolkata Special attractions do not come into the limelight as the more established tourism landmarks do, thanks to the wide media coverage that are provided to the latter ones.

In the past decade, the tourism phenomenon itself has changed a lot. These days the average tourist is more knowledgeable, thanks to the burgeoning growth of IT and he or she is constantly searching for authentic experience of culture and tradition rather than the routine "Hotel-Sight seeing and Back-to-the-Hotel" itinerary which was very popular even a few years back.

A few well-identified special attractions of Kolkata have been highlighted and it is hoped that the curious tourist would find the experience of visiting these Kolkata special attractions to be very riveting.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/14