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Murshidabad tours

The city of Murshidabad is located approximately at a distance of about 200 km to the north of Kolkata. The city has gained significant importance in history and was named after the Nawab of Bengal Murshid Quli khan. The rivers Bhagirathi and Jalangi, which are the two main tributaries of Ganga, make the region fertile with rich alluvial soil deposits. Murshidabad is surrounded by Chota Nagpur in Jharkhand on the western side, and shares its boundary with Bangladesh. The city was founded by the great Mughal Emperor Akbar during the 16th century. The silk of Murshidabad is very popular and has earned popularity throughout the world. There are many places of tourist interests in the city. The Hazarduari Palace constructed with thousand doors and fabulous marble proves to be the center of attraction for many tourist people, and forms an integral part of the Murshidabad tours. The palace, which was completed in the year 1837, exhibits Gothic style of architecture. The other name of Hazarduari Palace is Nizamat Fort. Nazism Humayun Jha used this palace for conducting Durbars. The museum of the palace is well maintained with the wide of variety of weapons and things that were used by the Nawabs. The armours and weapons that have been displayed in the museum portray the lifestyle of the Nawab. The Medina Masjid Clock room, which is in front of the palace, was constructed by Shiraj-ud-Duala. Sofas and palanquins made out of ivory, which are displayed in the palace, reveal the skilled and artistic talents of the craftsmen.

King Kirti Chand Bahadur constructed the fabulous Nasipur Palace during the late 19th century. In your Murshidabad tours, you must make it a point to visit this great palace. The Ramachandra temple and the Lakshmi Narayan temple are situated within the palace. Mohandas Ashram and Jafraganj Deuri Ashram are also closely located near the palace.

The Motijheel Lake is located approximately at a distance of 3 km from the Hazarduari Palace. This palace was renamed as Company Bagh by the East India Company, and can be an important part of your Murshidabad tours. Kathgola Palace was constructed beautifully by the Jain business people. Some of the western items that are displayed in the palace, can be rarely seen elsewhere. Beautiful gardens with rare flowering plants attract tourist attention.

Murshidabad has well laid out rail and road transport. Nearest airport is in Kolkata, where there are flights linking almost all the major cities within the country. The well-laid out rail and road routes enables all the tourists to reach the city with ease. Wide ranges of accommodation facilities are available within the city and the travelers can choose according to their needs and requirements.

In the Murshidabad district, rare collections of handicrafts are available in plenty. Many people prefer to buy handicrafts with artistic works. Silk saris of Murshidabad are very famous and they look very pretty. Touring the Murshidabad city will be enjoyable.

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