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Heritage tours in Murshidabad

The city of Murshidabad was named after the Dewan of Bengal. The city can be comfortably reached by the traveler with various modes of transport facilities that are available throughout the country. Frequent bus services are available between Kolkata and Berhampore, which is located in the Murshidabad district.

There are many places of tourist interests which provide a brief description about the heritage of Murshidabad. Hazarduari Palace, which was constructed during the period of 1837, is a historical monument. The palace with 1000 doors has been built with Gothic style of architecture. At present it has been converted into a museum and is open for public visits. The museum consists of many varieties of old arms paintings and curios. Some of the collections are very rare and the paintings in the museum vividly portray the luxurious life style of the Nawab. The great Imbabura has been erected across the palace. It is one of the largest in West Bengal and one of the biggest in India.

Katra Mosque, which was constructed by Murshid Quli Khan, is one of the important tourist attractions of Murshidabad. The mosque, which had five domes, was destroyed by earthquake and only three domes can be seen now. The Lord Shiva temple located within the mosque symbolizes the synchronization between the Hindu and Islamic culture.

The Kotgala garden with the magnificent gate has been constructed with the Indo - European architectural style. Many statues have been constructed here with European style. The famous Jain temple was built by the craftsmen from Rajasthan. Silver ivory and wood were used by the craftsmen to decorate the temple. There is also a huge cannon called Jahankosh, which was built by Janardhan Karmakar. It attracts many tourist people and is an important part of the heritage tours of Murshidabad. Traitor's Gate was built in memory of Shiraj-ud-Duala where he was assassinated. Wasef Manzil Palace was the residence of Nawab of Murshidabad. It is located very close to the Hazar Dwari Palace. The marvelous statues and the wonderful staircases which are made of marble extend a fantastic look which is worth seeing.

Silk saris of Murshidabad are very famous due to the specialized weaving techniques adopted by the weavers, and having a specimen of these exquisite works must be an integral part of your heritage tours of Murshidabad. Many foreigners are attracted towards the beauty of silk saris. Khagra Bazaar has plenty of skilled and gifted craftsmen having great artistic dexterity. The brass and bell metal ware of Murshidabad are popular. The traditional muslin of Bengal with excellent weaving offers a rich look to the saris. Delicious sweets prepared by Azimganj and Khagraghat are rich in aroma and taste. Khaja with lemon and sesame seeds added to sugar are considered to be delicious sweets of the district of Murshidabad. Thus a visit to this heritage center can be enjoyed by the tourists.

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