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Shantiniketan Travel

Shantiniketan has an international university, and the place is also known as the abode of peace. Rabindranath Tagore was the founder of this university. Initially it was an open-air university, which has been gradually developed as an international university. This university is commonly known as Visva Bharati. Shantiniketan travel can give you some fascinating glimpses of this university.

Reaching Shantiniketan is not a big problem due to well-developed transportation facilities. Kolkata has the nearest airport, which is just 213 km from this place. Kolkata connects all major cities of the country with daily flights. Bolpur is the nearest railway station, just 2 km from here. Extensive road network of the city makes your Shantiniketan travel most comfortable.

Shantiniketan offers good accommodation facility for its visitors. The West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation runs several tourist cottages and lodges for the visitors of Shantiniketan. Beside this Visva Bharati University runs a guesthouse. Youth hostels at Bolpur and Bakreswar also provide good accommodation facility. Along with these, there are a few private hotels to make your Shantiniketan travel most convenient. Chhuti Holiday Resort, Mark and Meadows, Santiniketan Tourist Lodge, Bolpur Lodge and Ranga Mati Tourist Lodge are some private hotels of Shantiniketan. There are a number of institutions in Visva Bharati. Chhatimala is the meditation hall. Maharshi Devendranath, the father of Rabindrdanath Tagore, used to do meditation here. Convocation function of Visva Bharati is held at this hall. Kala Bhavan is the college of fine arts and crafts, which houses a museum displaying frescoes, sculptures and murals. There is a library of art books inside the Kala Bhavan. Bichitra is another museum, which is also called as Rabindra Bhavan. It serves as a research centre and museum. It houses various personal belongings, paintings and different editions of the work of Rabindranath.

Sangeet Bhavan is another attraction of Shantiniketan travel, which is a college of dance and music. This is known for its work towards art, music and the humanities. Udayana, Konarka, Shyamali, Udichi and Punascha are the northern complexes, where Rabindranath Tagore lived and worked. Rathindranath Tagore, son of Rabindranath Tagore, designed the Bichitra Bhavan.

Deer Park and Uttarayan Garden are the most favourite places of eco-friendly people. It is located near Sriniketan, which is 3 km from Shantiniketan. Deer Park is now developed, as a huge wooded area for herds of deer. A national bird sanctuary of Shantiniketan is the home of various birds. Uttarayana Garden is located in the Shantiniketan University campus.

Shantiniketan travel also includes some excursion tours in and around Shantiniketan. Fullora, Kankalitala, Nalhati, Bakreshwar, Kendubilwa, Massanjore, Tarapith and Nanoor are the most favorite tourist destinations in the proximity of Shantiniketan.

Shopping is an ideal treat for shopping lovers. Shantiniketan travel gives you a great opportunity for leather shopping. Leather goods of Shantiniketan are available in various qualities, keeping modern style alive. Rameen, Sarvodaya Ashram, Vishwa Bharati Shilpa Sadan and Shantiniketan Co-operative Store are the main shopping places of Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan travel gives an opportunity to know more about the life of Rabindranath Tagore, which will be a lifetime of memory for you.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/12