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What to do in Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan known as the adobe of peace, was founded by Rabindranath Tagore in 1901. Earlier, it was an ashram founded by Maharshi Debendranath, father of Rabindranath Tagore. It was started as an open air school, which progressively developed as an international university named as Visva Bharati. There are several places to visit inside this university, hence what to do in Shantiniketan will not trouble you during your Shantiniketan tour. The university is known for holding the culture of east and west to strengthen the basic circumstances of world peace. There are several institutions under this university namely - Siksha Bhavan, Patha Bhavan, Vidya Bhavan, Uttar Shiksha Bhavan, Vinay Bhavan, Sangeet Bhavan, Kala Bhavan, Rabindra Bhavan, Hindi Bhavan and China Bhavan. Vichtra and Art Gallery Nandan is Museum of this university. Udayana, Shyamali, Konarka, Punascha and Udichi are the five abodes of Rabbindranath Tagore inside the Uttarayana complex of university. Beside these Upasana, Chhatimtala, Shantiniketan Bari are few oldest sanctums.

Sriniketan is a rural reconstruction, which is just 3 km from Shantiniketan was started by Rabindranath Tagore in 1922. Siksha Satra, Silpa Sadan, Santosh Pathshala Pali9 Siksha Bhavana are yet another attractions of the University if you are thinking what to do in Shantiniketan.

Deer Park and Uttarayana Garden are famous for their flora and fauna. Deer Park is situated near Sriniketan, which was originally a fast eroding Khowai. It is now developed into a large wooded area for herds of deer and a bird sanctuary. If time permits and you are thinking, what to do in Shantiniketan then sightseeing tour is another option for you. Fullora, Nalhati, Bakreshwar, Kankalitala, Massanjore, Nanoor, Kendubilwa and Tarapith are main excursion places near Shantiniketan.

There are several festivals celebrated in the Shantiniketan. Maghotsava is celebrated as anniversary of Bramho Samaj. Vasant Utsava is festival of colors. On this occasion, the students of University are wore colorful dresses and perform dances around mango groves. Varsha Mangagal, Sgharadostava and Paush Utsava are few other festivals of Shantiniketan. All these festivals are celebrated with great fun and enthusiasm.

Shopping is a favorite leisure activity of the Shantiniketan travelers. The leather products are most famous item for the shopping in Shantiniketan. You can get these products in variety like leather bags, ladies bags, designer bags, decorative bags, fancy bags. The designs, style and colors are managed keeping the latest fashions in mind. Batik and weaving items are also famous shopping items of this place. Grameen and Sarvodaya of Bolapur while, Vishwa Bhartin Shilpa Sadan and Shantiniketan Co-operative Stores of Shantiniketan are the main shopping complexes for the shopping in Shantiniketan.

What to do in Shantiniketan will not trouble you, if you make planning of your Shantiniketan tour beforehand.

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