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Transportation in Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan is well connected to the rest of the country with air, rail and road. Even though it does not have its own airport, the nearest airport of Calcutta makes it an easy option for the visitors. One can reach this city via train or bus from Calcutta. It is 2 km from Bolpur, which is the nearest railhead of Shantiniketan. Local buses, private cars, and cycle rickshaws are the major facilities for transportation in Shantiniketan.

The local bus facility can be availed from the various bus stops. This is the easiest and safest mode of transportation at an affordable rate. You can get the timetable and numbers of these buses from the transport department. The authority fixes the fare for particular distance hence you need not to think about that.

Hired cars and taxis are also available for transportation in Shantiniketan. These are either metered or un-metered. For hiring a metered taxi, you need not worry about the fare. You have to pay in accordance to meter reading. But, while hiring an un-metered taxi is sometimes tedious, as there taxi driver may charge you heavily. So, it's better to bargain before hiring these taxis. Hired cars run either per day basis or per kilometer basis. You need to make an enquiry about this at car renting agents.

Cycle rickshaws are most convenient means of transportation in Shantiniketan, as taxis and hired cars are not readily available. It is a small local means of transportation. A person on foot as that of a bicycle powers these rickshaws. The seating arrangement is provided on the rear wheels of rickshaws. You will have the most memorable experience if you hired these cycle rickshaws for visiting nearby places of your hotel.

So, enjoy the Shantiniketan tour with these local modes of transportation in Shantiniketan.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/12