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Travel Tips in Shantiniketan

Shantiniketan is a famous tourist attraction due to its Visva Bharati University. It is a center of international studies and culture. It is located 213 km from Calcutta. Travel tips in Shantiniketan will help you to get in the place without any difficulty.

Travel tips in Shantiniketan regarding transportation is most essential, as it is not on the direct link of air as well as rail. Calcutta is nearest airport of Shantiniketan, while Bolapur is the nearest railhead. One can reach Calcutta from any part of country via flight and take board a train or bus to reach Shantiniketan. Extensive road network of Shantiniketan makes the commotion by bus or car most easy.

Accommodation facility in Shantiniketan is good. However, travel tips in Shantiniketan about accommodation are required to make a memorable stay at this place of 'Peace'. There are several tourist lodges and cottages run by the West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation. Along with this, there are few private hotels making for a convenient means of accommodation in this quaint place.

Bengali is the most common language of Shantiniketan. English is well understood here. Hence, language is not a spoilsport while your Shantiniketan tour. Though Hindi is not used much, it is well understood everywhere.

Eating travel tips in Shantiniketan are essential, as there are few good restaurants at this place. It is advisable to eat only from hygienic restaurants or cafeteria of their lodge or cottage. Roadside food should be avoided as the shopkeeper kept nit open. You can eat freshly prepared food. Rosogolla, rosomalai, natun gurer sandesh are some famous sweets while choral daal, daab chingri, macher malai kari, bhapa ilish and mangser jhol are some famous dishes of Bengal. These are easily available any Bengali restaurant of Shantiniketan.

Travel tips in Shantiniketan should help a tourist to make a pleasing and satisfying stay in Shantiniketan.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/12