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Shopping in West Bengal

The state offers an excellent opportunity for the shopping in west Bengal, because of its famous handicraft items. The state is known for the exquisite items of clay, shoal and conch. The state holds rich culture in fine arts. There are a number of celebrated painters in the state hence; painting is also a remarkable shopping item. The Bulchari saris or Bengali silk saris are the main shopping item for the female travelers. It is a famous for its exquisite design and wonderful weaving techniques. It is mainly produced at Bulachar town of Murshidabad district of West Bengal. Bengali silk is the main constituents of these saris. The texture of cloth is very fine and transparent. Design of sari consists of large kalka motifs in the middle part with narrow attractive borders. White, blue, red, yellow and green colors are used for the design while silver zari is used at the border.

Batik is another major handicraft item of West Bengal. It is a Japanese style work, which include wax painting. Wax is used as a base material, which are tinted with dark colors. After completion, the wax is removed from fabric by washing it with boiling water. The removal of wax gives the exquisite look to the fabric. Kantha is the most popular embroidery type of West Bengal. This is commonly done with folk motifs. The Chikan work, kashida and the zari work are other type of embroidery items for the shopping in west Bengal. Clay and Terracotta are ancient arts of the west Bengal. Murshidabad, Birbhaum, Hoogly, Digha and Jessore are known for the finest patterns of terracotta panels. The two or three types of clays are mixed for the making the potteries, toys and other panels. These cay items are then burnt on the fire. The god and goddess idols are also made in clay during the festive seasons. This is the mane income source for the Khumbhar families.

The cane mats are the exquisite items for the shopping in West Bengal. The design of these mats consists of the beautiful sequence of motifs of animals, leaf and human. The cane baskets from the special kind of canes of North Bengal are also famous. This type of cane is known to be long lasting and is used for carrying heavy load.

The Thangka painting of West Bengal is also a famous shopping item of the state. The past of Thangka Painting lies in the Buddhist culture. It was first time introduced in Tibet in the 7th century. These painting usually carved on a cotton fabric or silk fabric. Water-soluble dyes, stone colors along with the herbs and the glue solution are used. Sometimes, pure gold dust is used to exquisite look to the painting.

Finally, yet importantly, your shopping in West Bengal does complete without tea shopping. Darjeeling is famous for its finest quality of tea in the world. So, one or two packets of original Darjeeling tea must be included in you shopping list.

Furthermore, there are many items like carpets, cloth dolls and toys, jewelry, jute craft, Kalighat paintings, mats and baskets, metalware, minakari, shell craft, stone carving, woodcarving, wooden comb & hair ornaments, etc. which must be included in your shopping in West Bengal.

Last Updated On: 2011/07/12