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Heritage Tours of West Bengal

Heritage Tours of West Bengal provides tailored tours to explore ancient monuments, temples museums, tribal villages and its culture. Museums are the national heritage, which promotes international understanding. The Indian Museum, the Indian Botanic Garden and the Asiatic Society are some of the oldest Institutions of India.

West Bengal is a gateway for the development of modern museum in India. The Indian Museum is established in the year 1814, which is the largest and unique museum of West Bengal. Art, Archaeology, Anthropology, Zoology, Geology and Industry are the sections of the museum. Gothic Indian paintings are the main attraction of the Art Section. Metal images, enameled wares, bidri wares, silver wares ornament, glasswares, ivory and bone work, pottery, wooden sculptures, leather objects, jade and crystal articles and other many rare textiles from all parts of the India are found in this museum.

The Cultural Research Institute of West Bengal developed the Ethnographic Museum in 1955. It includes hunting tools and equipments, fishing gears, furniture, utensils, spinning and weaving aids and other art, religious and cultural artifacts.

Birla Planetorium well known for the astronomical presentations related to solar system, galaxies, stars, zodiac and space probes. It was established in 1962 by the Birla Education similar way to that in London, the second commonwealth of this kind. The educational lectures are organized at this museum, which are generally in English, Hindi and Bengali. Occassionally Tamil, Oriya and Gujarati languages are also used for lectures. Telescopic photographs of celestial bodies, murals of Navagraha, busts of eminent astronomers are3 included in the Astronomy Gallery of the Planetorium.

Asiatic Society of Calcutta has a great collection of precious portraits and sculptures, original paintings of Rubens, Guido, Home, Reynolds and many more. The library of museum holds 1,00,000 books in general section while 27,000 books and manuscript of various languages in Sanskrit Section. Asutosh Museum of Indian Art, Academy of Fine Art, Birla Industrial and Technology museum, Nehru Children Museum, Rabindra-Bharati Museum, Victorial Memorial and Carey Museum are other famous museums of heritage tours of West Bengal.

Shahid Minar is historic monument, with 218 steps, 52-meter high monument in the combination of Egyptian base, Syrian Column and Turkish copula. It is located in the heart of Esplanade.

Belur Math is a headquarter of Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, which is founded by Swami Vivekanand. The architecture of building displays the great combination of church, mosque and temple, spreading the message of universal bonding.

If you are on heritage tours of West Bengal, then you must visit William Fort of Kolkata. The Britiosh East India built this fort during 1696-1702. It is the only fort of the world where shot was never fired. Now, it is headquarter of the Eastern Command of Indian Army, which provides accommodation for around 10,000 army personnel.

Shantinikatan is the only open air International University in the world. Rabindranath Tagore, a great genius of India, founded it. The university is the home for scholars and students of oriental culture. The university has brilliant faculties for graduates and research studies in science along with a distinct inclination towards humanity and art.

During your heritage tours of West Bengal, you will get an idea about rich cultural and heritage legacy of the state. Bishnupur town is famous tourist's attraction of West Bengal, because of its Terracotta temples and horses. It is surrounded by old forts including 15 temples. The Dhupad School of Indian Classical Music was established here in 16-17th century by the royal patronage.

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